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Top 5 DIY Home Decor Trends From Instagram


JULY 08, 2021

During the pandemic, many people were required to quarantine for the safety and health of themselves and their communities. Home offices, playrooms, and relaxation spaces were the projects occupying people’s time. DIY home decor became the new trend on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and more. 

As the situation of the pandemic continues to fluctuate in many countries, DIY home decor has continued to stay a topic of interest, and we’ve seen many viral videos on social media presenting the latest home decor trend. Creating a functional home and developing a practical space dominates our timelines and trending charts. Here are 5 DIY home decor trends that you might want to implement to give your home a facelift: 

  1. Indoor plants

While indoor and patio plants have been a staple for aesthetic blogs and social media for a while, local gardens saw an increase in sales during the pandemic. Not only do houseplants help improve indoor air quality, but they were a comfort for those who were unable to go outside. Some popular plants we’ve seen online include: 


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  1. Space Savers

Cleaning and reorganization brought a lot of people to a common realization – it’s easy to forget just how many things you have until you try to put everything away. The resulting conclusion was that there just isn’t enough room when you’re confined to the same space for weeks or months at a time. Rooms turned into “multipurpose spaces” where one corner of the living room became the new study, play area, or meditation station. 

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  1. “Upcycling”

Upcycling is also known as “creative reuse”, meaning you’ve taken something you’d typically discard when it’s run its course and instead turned it into something practical or creative. For example, instead of throwing out or even recycling old glass bottles, you can paint them, glue them together, or break them for a mosaic piece. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, you can also create a light fixture out of old wire baskets lying around the house: 

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Or, if you’re up for a challenge, you can also create a light fixture out of old wire baskets lying around the house:

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  1. Self-Project Display

Whether it was painting, upcycling, or paper mache, art was a calming pass time during quarantine. As we mentioned before, though, as you spend more time in a space, you tend to see how little room you have for new additions. So, creating any area for displaying personal projects became just as much of a personal project in itself. One of the most popular DIY display projects was Parade’s art wall, as seen here

  1. Vintage Mirrors

Mirrors make a room look larger, giving an open and spacious feel to their environment. Vintage mirrors tend to have a more compelling design for people, though, as their frames are ornament and often heavily detailed. There’s even a bonus for looking around for the perfect vintage accent mirror: you’ll be helping out local thrift store businesses that are starting to open up again after quarantine!

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Inspired by DIY Home Decor?

These are some of the top trends that started gaining popularity at the beginning of quarantine and have continuously grown in popularity. With additions such as houseplants and self-project displays, you’re giving your home a personal touch that matches your aesthetic. The use of smart storage and vintage mirrors keeps the clutter at bay while giving you more space to breathe in. And, of course, upcycling old furniture, reusable fabrics, and what may at first glance seem to be trash is not only helping the environment but your wallet and wardrobe.