Maintain a Winning Culture While Managing Change


JULY 17, 2020

Like most organizations in 2020, ZucoraHome transitioned its teams to work remotely while facing business uncertainty. This happened at a time when we were implementing a company-wide digital transformation to meet customer needs. We also knew we needed to remain agile to ensure we retained our flexible employee culture.

Every day, our team at ZucoraHome (affectionately known as ‘Zucorians’) live our core values that are based on the beliefs that we have the ability to create leaders, drive innovation, help others, build stronger families, and create a better tomorrow, together.

Through these values, we’re building a community hub that fosters a fun and healthy collaborative environment that appreciates every Zucorian and every customer while giving back to the communities where we live, work, and play.

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Leading Through Change

When COVID-19 began, our team rapidly responded to ensure the safety of all Zucorians as we transitioned our operations to work remotely. To maintain a connected culture while managing our new virtual day-to-day operations, we also realized we needed to focus on:

  • Staying visible and available
  • Setting a clear vision that teams can action
  • Believing in the mission and live it daily
  • Building a culture of self-organizing and self-managing teams
  • Focusing on what really matters – delivering value to customers
  • Ensuring we remain connected with all our stakeholders

To continue to be the leaders in our industry, we’ve also designed and implemented smart home service solutions that relieve the burden of managing households when furniture becomes stained or damaged, appliances, or HVAC systems breakdown. We call it the Smarter Living Plan.

Our foundation for leadership is a connected culture that empowers Zucorians to achieve the company mission and realize how vital each of their contributions is to accomplishing our goals. Every Zucorian is encouraged to demonstrate the company values in the following ways:

  • Communicating the organization’s vision
  • Inspiring an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity aligned with fun and performance
  • Driving continuous learning and innovation
  • Mentoring to support individual growth and build leaders of teams and teams of leaders
  • Celebrating milestones and accomplishments
  • Ensuring everyone has an opportunity to give back to the community

This experience has taught us that by giving our employees the freedom to drive many of our internal initiatives, we ensure that we’re fostering a virtual environment of collaboration, trust, and a family atmosphere.

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By Michelle Mahovlich

Michelle malcovich

Michelle Mahovlich, Sr. Director, Operations of ZucoraHome is passionate about constantly improving our operations to better serve our customers and fostering a collaborative environment for Zucorians. Her experience and knowledge of our business is a key driver in our pursuit of excellence. Read more SmarterInsights on our blog.